README File ----------- This file has step by step installation gudie and specifies the requirements to install GAD system. Please Read this file before installing GAD. you need to install BASSA system before installing this. please read documentation for more details. REQUIREMENTS ------------- + Operating systems This will work on following operationg systems. Freebsd 6.1 Linux Fedora 5 Windows + Packages You advised to install following packages before installing GAD. apache 2 mysql 5 php 5 php5-mysql5 php5-ftp php5-Extensions (session) mod_php5 md5 INSTALLATION ------------ Follow the instructions given below. +MAC OSX 1. download gad.pkg 2. double click on pkg file. 3. follow readme instructions +source code 1. Download gadisk.tar.gz latest version. 2. Copy the file into the document root of your web server. eg:/var/www/html or /usr/local/www/data cp gadisk.tar.gz /DOCUMENTROOT/ 3. change directory to document root. cd /DOCUMENTROOT/ 4.Extract files tar -xzvf gadisk.tar.gz 5. Modify the configuration file according to your needs. cd /DOCUMENTROOT/gadisk/lib/ vi config.php give your mysql database username and password. give bassa server ip and port. 6. Create gadisk database. cd /DOCUMENTROOT/gadisk/database/ vi department Enter departments name on each line. php create_db.php 8. Restart webserver and open your web browser, type http://localhost/gadisk CONFIGURATION ------------- +squid 1.give download limit in squid.conf file cd /etc/squid (or /usr/local/etc/squid if you compile from source code) vi squid.conf acl ACLNAME src YOURNETWORK reply_body_max_size SIZE allow ACLNAME http_access allow ACLNAME ACLNAME - name of your acl (eg: staff) YOURNETWORK - ip range (eg: SIZE - download limit size (eg: 150000 for 150KB) Additionally add this line to get full url (with options) strip_query_terms off 2. customize error message cd error/ (it sholud under error/English folder or the error/language you choose in latest version of squid) mv ERR_TOO_BIG ERR_TOO_BIG.bak (back up early error message) vi ERR_TOO_BIG (write new error message) copy paste the following text HOSTNAME - where your gad system running ________________________________________________________________________________________ Download Too Big

Please wait .....

Your request is being directed to offline downloader.
__________________________________________________________________________________________ +sendmail or postfix you shoud be able to send mail from GAD server using the email given in config.php. +change Templetes There are three (black, blue, green) CSS available currently. Those differs in colors only. You can choose a css by editing files/header.php. you can do the following optional steps by run make file. +http access control copy install/apache-gadisk.conf to apache conf.d directory. modify allow ip range. +mysql backup copy install/cron-gadisk to /etc/cron.hourly/ here you are! Now, try downloading file more than the SIZE you given in squid.conf you should be redirected to GAD. . Thank you for using GAD!